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Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year, new team

My holiday in Bali is almost over; one more day to be exact. Yet, unlike other holidays in the past, I am actually very excited to end this one. Why? Because this week I will be working in Bali with my new All-Indonesian team. This is very exciting and very new to me.

You’ve heard the phrase,”there’s no place like home”. I am about to experience that professionally. I have been away from home for a while now. I haven’t really done much work in my own country of Indonesia. I made a decision to change that this year. While I am still going to be based in Singapore, professionally I am coming home this year.

First, I needed an Indonesian management that will understand my objective and can take me to new and exciting level of growth. So late last year, I signed an exclusive deal with a small yet dynamic artist management company in Indonesia called Kain Entertainment (Kain@cbn.net.id). They did not disappoint me. Within two weeks of signing me they have successfully assembled a very capable team for this photo shoot in Bali. In addition, they have signed a deal to put together a film regarding this photo shoot covering all behind the scene activities during the week long shoot.

Did I mention the photographer they got for the shoot? I have seen his body of work and I have strong sense that I will be experiencing something new in this photo shoot. His name is Ayang Kalake and, while he is not the most famous photographer in country, he certainly has produced some of the most unique body of work around. He is very intuitive as a photographer and has a strong conceptual approach to his work. I am certain that I will not be disappointed.

So, one last day being a lazy bum. And tonight I will be going to the airport to pick up a 12 people crew to get ready for the most exciting photo shoot of my career with my new All-Indonesian team.

New year with a new team Tiara. I can’t wait!



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